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Community Pride Care Center opened its doors on April 1, 1989.  We are a city owned facility and rest on the west side of the city park.   The beautiful park can be seen from all three wings of the facility and access to the park and gazebo is available throughout the facility.  We strive to provide or improve the quality of life for our residents, by encouraging them to do as much as they can, as well as they can, for as long as they can.  We recognize each Resident as an individual personality, who deserves our respect, honor, patience, gentleness and kindness.  We pride ourselves in having created an environment of a loving family for our residents and staff.  We put our hearts into our facility so that everyone feels at home and welcome at Community Pride Care Center.   

Our facility sits right on the edge of this beautiful park.  There is much to see and do when visiting CPCC. 

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