We will be restricting all visitors to our home until further notice to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Only essential personnel will be allowed to come in the building.


Communication avenues for residents and families during COVID-19.

Those who wish to send an email to their loved one can do so at this email address - communitypride@outlook.com

This email was set up for this purpose. If you use our business emails yours could get lost in the junk mail.

We now have Facetime. Google Duo and Skype set up on our I Pad. We also have Google Duo set up on the Android Tablet. Because of staffing we ask that you use these fields of communication during the hours of 9am to 5pm on Monday thru Friday and 9am to 4pm on weekends. During those times our activity staff and office staff will be available to help with the tablets. That way we are not taking nursing staff away from caring for the residents.       If you have any questions or concerns call and talk to Activities at 402-675-2955 ext.125, or Social Services at ext.112.

We also have cordless phones we can take to the residents.

Some residents have voiced concerns about their families during this time. We try to reassure them but they hear it on the news and worry. If you can, please call and set their minds at ease.